Ernie's Auto Maintenance

Reasons To Perform Regular Maintenance On Your Vehicle

We are believers in preventative maintenance. You might think that an auto repair shop would rather have those big ticket repairs rather than much smaller maintenance orders. Many shops do prefer repairs over maintenance.

It makes a lot more sense for us to encourage proper maintenance because it saves you money. That endears our customers to our shop. Preventative maintenance also can be scheduled, and that's good for you and our shop.

Preventative maintenance done regularly also has other benefits:

  • Maintaining Your Vehicles Resale Value
  • Improving Your Ability To Sell Your Car
  • Extending The Life Of Your Vehicle
  • Keeps Your Car Safe For You And Your Family
  • Preserving The Smooth Ride And Quiet Engine
  • Giving You Piece Of Mind

Additional Car Maintenance Service Information

Prevent Big Ticket Repairs

In the end, preventative maintenance is beneficial to both of us. Besides, we will always get those big ticket repairs because some people simply delay on maintenance until it's too late. Hopefully, you are not one of them.

If you would like to understand the role of preventative maintenance further, ask one of our service advisors for a "Car Care Guide" provided by "The Car Care Council", a national non-profit organization established to educate consumers about the benefits of proper vehicle care, maintenance and repair. The service advisors at Ernie's Muffler are very experienced and well trained and we all want you to understand because when you do, you will take better care of your vehicle.

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